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We are a hub of professional painting contractors in Gainesville FL.  We connect you to the best painters Gainesville FL has.  We know they are the best because they are fully licensed, insured, and qualified before being allowed to work with us.  This ensures that we are only feeding the best of the best to our neighbors – you!  All of our contractors are local crews that are trained to have the same level of integrity, quality of work, and process to give you exactly what you need in a professional manner and do the work as quickly as professionally possible.  

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Our process includes: free color consult/estimate.  Prep, clean, sand, pressure wash, move anything out of the way, caulk, two coats, touch ups, clean up, move stuff back, ensure customer satisfaction, and then get out of your hair.  Don’t just take out word for it, call us today for your FREE quote and see for yourself how we professionally take care of the entire Gainesville area!

Free Window & gutter cleaning with any exterior paint job

Interior Painters

Professional and clean interior painting services.

Exterior Painters

Professional and clean exterior painting services.

Article Painters

Fence & Deck, Concrete, other odd items painted.
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As mentioned above, we are a collective group of professional painters.  We are able to take on any Gainesville painters project in a professional manner because of our numerous years of experience with different painting situations.  Our team is full of experts that are able to offer you a clean and quality paint job.  As seen in our pictures, we like to keep things professional, clean cut, and most importantly – about you and your vision for your paint job.  Talk with one of our consultants today to see how we can help!

What the numerous years of experience brings us is the advantage of knowledge.  Each project is taken note of and reflected on to see how we can improve our quality and speed of your projects.  Since we have been living by this method, we follow it’s guidelines from the previous years of experience that we have accumulated.  We operate at this same standard to achieve what you are looking for in a swift manner.

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More Than Just House Painters Gainesville FL


Interior Painting

Interior painting can be a delicate task.  Trust our pros to consult with you on what you want inside your home and have it done with a quick and professional crew.


Exterior Painting

Our exterior crews will take care of any exterior paint job you are looking to get done.  We take your personal taste and apply it to make your home or building unique to you.


Article Painting

Servicing everything from fences, decks, porches, patios, concrete stamps, and even driveways!  Call us today to see how we can help you with your property items.

We are more than just house painters Gainesville locals love to work with, we specialize in being able to serve and work with everyone!  Including commercial real estate!  All of the services our contractors offer are versatile to residential and in the commercial realm as well.  Call us now to speak with one of our experts to see when you can get your estimate done!


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“Reviews say a lot about a company, and Gainesville Painters Pro has no problem with that” – Satisfied customer.

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The reason I went with Gainesville Painters Pro is because of the knowledge they expressed on my free appointment. The guy knew exactly what I was trying to get done and literally drew it out for me to see if that was my final decision. Very informative.
Donald Hunter
Just simply the best painting contractors in Gainesville, I had estimates from 3 other companies and they simply outshined the rest.
Mike Hughes
I was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted and they were very understanding, patient and overall easy to work with!

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The #1 interior painters Gainesville Has

Having the interior of your home painted can be a very nerve wracking task done.  The interior color of each wall is the main factor that creates the ambiance of each room inside your home.  It is often the most noticed aspect of your visitors and can even become the name of specific space in your home: “The yellow room.” The importance of having a professional crew inside your home is a never ending list of reasons.  That is why we have a very specific process to keeping your interior clean, fast, and most of all – our best work.  

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We accomplish this by training all of our staff members on proper etiquette while inside your home and on your property while also having the supervision of an experienced color consultant meet with you to pick the best fit possible.  That is what makes us the #1 interior painters Gainesville FL offers.  Our process starts with a color consulting estimate to visually paint the picture of what you want done inside your home.  Once we move forward with the project we prep the area for a total professional redo.  This includes moving and/or covering furniture and other items inside the home to ensure nothing gets paint or dirt on it.  We then quickly and professionally paint the surface exactly as agreed upon.  We thoroughly clean up and are on our way without leaving a mess or bad memory in your home.  We want to make it personal with your own unique touch.

Our Past Work

The Best exterior painters Gainesville FL Offers

Our crew is vastly experienced with exterior painting.  We have a system in place that allows us to estimate your project, start the job, wash the exterior of your home or commercial building, caulk any cracks or crevices that are in need, and professionally apply two coats of high quality paint.  This process was crafted from our lead painter and supervisor.  It was created out of years of experience to make sure that we do our absolute best job while completing the job at the quickest pace so that we are out of your hair as quickly as possible.  Our crew is trained to be the best exterior painters Gainesville FL has and that is something we stand by.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to all of our local neighbors.

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By signing up for a FREE estimate you are able to get to know us personally and begin to create your picture perfect paint job!  Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Article Painting

There are many different types of articles that could be painted around your home.  The basic ones are fences, decks, porches, patios, and even driveways!  Lots of times our customers want us to apply “pool deck” to many of their concrete surfaces.  This type of coating gives your concrete a clean look while simultaneously cutting the reflection of the Florida sun down, reducing the amount of heat that reflects into ones home.  Some may simply be looking to stain their wooden surfaces to aid them for a longer life span.  This is often a great investment if you recently put up a wooden fence or deck, especially if bare hands & feet will be involved with the surface.

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Our knowledge and ability to professionally paint the little things around your home are part of what make us the best Gainesville painters.  Whether you are trying to lower your house temperature or simply stain your fence for a better appeal and longer life span, we have all of your unique painting jobs covered.  Learn more by going to our article painting page or by calling and asking us directly!  We would love to hear from our local Gainesville residents!

Integrity of our Gainesville Painters

Integrity is what our crew of businesses is built on.  Each employee is trained and brought under the impression that our values come first.  Our pay structure and award system is structured in such a way to not promote self achievement but to merit integrity and living by our business moto.  As the employers, we practice what we teach by having our employee’s backs at all times.  To us, our employees come first so that they can focus on the customer (you) coming first to them.

We imply these values through awarding positive reviewed feedback from our customers when in a project with our select crew members.  We love to have a community event where we all get together at our personal homes and have team bonding days, relaxing, being fed, and ensuring that our crew collaborates beyond their work life.

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